Saturday, September 02, 2006

As Tall As Lions

ARTIST / BAND: As Tall As Lions
SONG (MP3): Ghost of York
ALBUM: As Tall As Lions
FILE UNDER: Indie / Ambient / Rock
LABEL: Triple Crown
INFO: As Long Island, NY becomes a hotbed for the indie-rock, emo and pop-punk scenes, people find it intimidatingly easy to squeeze bands into one of these more classifiable genres. While the band, As Tall As Lions, is in fact from Long Island, they have developed a different musical approach combining the lush tones of ambient pop, the creativity of 70’s album rock, the subtle passion of the late 1980’s C-86 movement, and today’s "not so emo" writing style. In a way, you could say that the band hopes to define a new genre. Their music has a feel that can be considered interpretive. One moment may have you sitting in silence with several candles burning around you, and the next, climbing the walls to harshly chant the lyrics back at their peaking speakers.Guitarist Saen Fitzgerald formed the band in the spring of 2002. He asked his friends and former band members Daniel Nigro (vocals), and Clifford Sarcona (drums) to join as he further developed the ideas behind "ATAL." Good friend and fan of the band Brian Fortune later joined the group on guitar to help with the recording of their renowned EP "Blood and Aphorisms." The EP received a great response from fans and critics alike, including several magazine features and radio spins. When Brian Caesar (bass) joined in October of 2002, the band was finally complete.
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