Saturday, September 09, 2006


ALBUM: We Are Here For You
FILE UNDER: Indie / Electronica / Shoegaze
LABEL: cult-hero
INFO: huma was formed back in the cold harsh winter of 2003 by brian and jess, mostly as a means of defeating the northern jersey duldrum known as suburbia. originally an acoustic duo, they realized that sounds could be a lot more enjoyable if there were more to choose from, and keyboardist (also brian's sister) laura was added into the mix. quickly offsetting the 'american mall' scenery around them, lush atmospheres emerged as brian and jess honed their programming skills to create electronic blips and beats around laura's synthesizer tones... that brings us to the huma you have today. out of the suburbs and into the city of new brunswick where they are presently recording an album for cult-hero records, due to be released in the late spring of 2006. pulling sounds from their influences like broken social scene, lali puna, my bloody valentine, and neil young, huma creates a delicate blend of electro-pop and ambient folk. a sound that is very much their own.
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