Wednesday, May 03, 2006


FILE UNDER: Indie / Post Hardcore / Classic Rock
LABEL: Gern Blandsten
INFO: RYE COALITION began as part of some white-bred punk, hard-core, metal, emo, independent rock, college weirdo-fest. At an average age of seventeen after one summer of touring on a five-song demo in 1994, they recorded two seven inches and a split twelve inch with KARP featuring "White Jesus of 114th Street," called by some the greatest emo record of all time. At the time, New Jersey punk bands like MEREL, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, and NATIVE NOD were playing at ABC-No-Rio well before the days of magical commercial engineering put AT THE DRIVE IN on David Letterman or THE STROKES on a bill with OZZY.The irony of it all was that RYE COALITION felt like a bunch of fucking lepers who didn’t know, care, or want to find out what it all meant. They just loved to make music together, loved their friends, and enjoyed meeting interesting people on the road with whom to talk and exchange ideas and emotions. They were children of divorce, brought up on hamburgers, cigarettes, Budweiser, and rock n’ roll with no regard for politics or genre categorizations... just good music.RYE COALITION is a gesture of five close friends trying to keep hope alive. It’s an island of laughter in a sea of confusion and madness. Hopefully you don’t miss the point.
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