Wednesday, May 03, 2006


ALBUM: The Red Tree
FILE UNDER: Rock / Emo /
LABEL: Vagrant Records
INFO: Working on their latest album The Red Tree, Moneen had a new awakening. For a band that is accustomed to touring extensively and taking only a month off to write an album before going back on the road, having real time to work on their songs was a concept they weren't used to. The process was both refreshing and painful, but the frustration that came from continually analyzing their work turned into determination to make the best album they could. The payoff is a mature and diverse record where each song is epic, not in length but in scope.After three relatively solid years of touring to promote Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now, playing Europe and the UK for the first time, and sharing the stage with bands such as Muse and Taking Back Sunday, the band spent half a year at home in and around Toronto working on material. When they went to Baltimore in July 2005 to work with producer Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, Snapcase, Thrice) they began the dissecting and rebuilding their songs. At times disheartening, the process caused friction that was documented in the film The Start to This May Be the End to Another by Alex Liu.
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