Friday, March 03, 2006

The High Violets

Artist / Band: the High Violets
Song (MP3): Sunbaby
File Under: Pop / Ambient / Psychedelic
Label: Reverb Records
Info: The High Violets formed after the demise of legendary Portland favorite the Bella Low, a band that played regulary with Elliot Smith's Heatmiser and The Dandy Warhols. Lead guitarist Clint Sargent picked up the pieces from that band's crash and put together an amazing group of musicians to form the High Violets. Influenced heavily by the amazing sounds of MBV, Ride, Spaceman 3, Lush and the Cocteau Twins, the band soon developed a huge following. After a few early line-up changes they drafted in one of Portland's most amazing voices, Kaitlyn ni Donavan. Having an extremely succssful solo career of her own, Kaitlyn immediately added the lush vocals and beautiful melodies the band needed. One self-released EP later and the band were in the studio recording their debut album 44 Down. The album definitely paved the way for a resurgence in the shoegazer sound and those that followed. Under the Radar Magazine and Magnet Magazine singled out the band and this album with full page feature articles after its release, noting its influence. . read more from the source...

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