Friday, March 03, 2006

Gil Manteras Party Dream

Artist / Band: Gil Manteras Party Dream
Song (MP3): Elmo's Wish
Album: Bloodsongs
File Under: Pop / Progressive / Rock
Label: Audio Eagle Records
Info: Check out these two guys, Ultimate Donny and Gil Mantera. They’re from Youngstown, Ohio. They’re brothers. They’re blonde, handsome, and strapping. They play rock-style music mixed with alternative-style. They’re Gil Mantera’s Party Dream.The duo started rocking shows back and forth between the Youngstown and Columbus, Ohio scenes back in 2000, sharing stages with a variety of bands of different genres and dominating all. On the strength of their incredible live show and two self-released CD’s, they grew to own a solid fan-base in every nook and cranny of the state of Ohio (which, believe it or not, is no easy goddamned task) and soon thereafter most of the more from the source...

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