Sunday, March 12, 2006


Artist / Band: CENTRO-MATIC
Album: Fort Recovery
File Under: Indie
Label: Misra Records
Info: Centro-matic's music comes on like a sound from a distant dream, somethingnew, yet unmistakably familiar. Clear images adding up to something a littlevague, but in such a comforting way. Once as a child, I watched part one ofsome two-part children's adventure (NBC's Wonderful World of Disney circa1972, no doubt) and that night dreamt the next week's conclusion verbatim.No one ever believed me and I still don't blame them, not sure I believe itmyself, but I know it happened. That's what Centro-matic is like to me.Their music is somehow like something I heard in my head as a child, yet Iknow I didn't. I find myself singing along with their songs the first time Ihear them. They're the best live band in America and know how to make greatrecords. Bunches of them (they're prolific as hell) yet some how they keepgetting better. All of this while playing an exhausting 150 shows a year.
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