Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Artist / Band: Testface
Song (MP3): Sounds Don't Come Around Here Anymore
Album: Doctor Won't You Get Us To Dawn
File Under: Indie / Folk / Pop
Label: Broken Sparrow
Info: Testface , the brainchild of David Snider, hails from central Oregon, via years of winters in the cold woods of New Hampshire. Almost a decade of woodsheding and selectively chiseling out songs in the shadows produced this years "doctor won't you get us to dawn." For this release he has harbored an arsenal of trusted friends, accomplices and academic monsters to create a suprisingly different kind of album. Parts psychedelic, parts experimental Americana, the songs are spacious and lonesome with a deep yearning for solace. Testface is poignant, wounded and endlessly searching. read more from the source...

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