Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nat Baldwin

Artist / Band: Nat Baldwin
Song (MP3): wake up it's time to rise
Album: Lights Out
File Under: Acoustic
Label: Broken Sparrow
Info: Today, when most of the so-called musical innovators simply offer contemporary takes on already proven and accepted movements in music (neo-psychedelia, nth-wave garage bands...) Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Nat Baldwin is a true original. Baldwin is an upright bass player and a singer, but he takes both of those things to their limit, and has perfected a sound that he can call entirely his own.
His bass playing can be soothing or jarring- he bows and plucks, taps and scratches... he finds endless different sounds in his instrument, and it never seems lacking or overplayed. His voice is a beautiful instrument all it's own. A big, open, oceanic voice- sultry and sublime. The simple combination of Baldwin's bass and singing is pure, direct, and timeless.
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