Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mates of State

Artist / Band: Mates of State
Song (MP3): Fraud In The '80s
File Under: Indie Pop
Label: Barsuk Records
Info: Mates of State is the husband/wife duo of Kori Gardner (organ, vox) and Jason Hammel (drums, vox). They quit their day jobs (teacher and cancer researcher) in 2001, got married, and hit the road bringing their love to the rest of the world. The Mates have released three full lengths, my solo project, our constant concern, and team boo, as well as numerous singles and EPs, most recently last year's all day EP.
Mates of State has been described by critics as "unabashed joy", "honesty at its best", a "two piece with balls", and "a band that you must see live". Their first record was listed in the New York Times as one of the best records you probably didn't hear in 2000. Their live show has amassed a reputation worldwide as a uniquely joyous experience — capacity crowds smiling, dancing, and singing along with every word.
Mates of State's unique, often complex and always catchy pop gems defy genre boundaries. Though a duo, they never fail to generate an overabundance of melody and harmony via monster, bass-heavy organ, creative drumming, and alternately lushly layered and playfully dueling vocals.
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