Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Little Man Tate

Artist / Band: Little Man Tate
Song (MP3): Court Report
File Under: a jerking synthesis of punk-funk de jour and gritty, socio-realist lyrics
Label: cargo records
Info: We live and love in Sheffield, allegedly a steel city. Maz and Jon have been best mates since the age of diddly squat, and did their first gig together at the age of 12 in a church hall in Crookes. It was crap. Ben is like the Ron Jeremy of pop, he likes to surf the internet. Dan was the last to join the band, he is cool, and looks after everyone.We dont like to dwell in the past, looking back at all the previous bands we have been in, they were pretty dire, but they have got us where we are now. We like to sing, dance and have fun.We had our yellow van nicked in York. That was shit. Everything went including our leads and plectrums, but we managed to save our badges, they were in Jons pocket. The police said the robbers were probably drug addicts, we agreed and had to come home on the train. All our songs are based on real life, things we have done and people we have met. Being in a band is the best.We live to be live.

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