Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: MAGNET
Song (MP3): HOLD ON
Album: Tourniquet
File Under: Futuristic Country
Label: ultimate dilemma
Info: Magnet equals one Even Johansen of Bergen, Norway, an alluring young troubadour whose gift has made him the premier endeavor of Filter US Recordings.
His music simultaneously follows in the footsteps of traditional folkdom and modern surrealism, treading a neat path between the two. Johansen draws upon a vast array of influences, from the dusty warmth of Gram Parsons to the ethereal electronica of Air, tenderly etching out the mark that is his own unique sound. NME has likened Magnet to artists Tim Buckley and Coldplay, and others have placed him in the ranks of such names as Johnny Cash, Elliott Smith, Beck, and the Doves. Indeed, these comparisons have not been made in vain.
Even’s first forays into musicianship began at an early age. He grew up in the wake of an old four-string guitar owned by his father, a musician who toured the world in a Norwegian Jazz/Swing dance troupe. Later, in Scotland, his love for the lap steel materialized, quickly prompting his ascent into the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Even has always had an a fixation on Clint Eastwood and he admits, “That’s when I became a cowboy – I saw this beautiful guitar in the window of a shop in Dumfries and I had to have it.” And have it he did. In fact, it is this guitar sound that brings life to Even’s unique brand of storytelling. Magnet makes highly emotive music, rich with experience and realism, compacted into personal, electrifying, intensely beautiful songs that you will cherish. Songs that will make the hairs on your neck stand on end, songs that you will fall in love with, songs that lift you out of normality and cradle you in cushioned dreams and so much more.
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