Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: ANNA TERNHEIM
Song (MP3): TO BE GONE
Album: Somebody Outside
File Under: singer/songwriter
Label: stockholm records
Info: Anna Ternheim is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Stockholm, who´s making her record debut this fall with the album "Somebody Outside". The album was recorded during a week in August 2003 on Gotland — a Swedish island on the east coast. The recording is characterized by a spontaneity and rawness and Anna´s unique voice provides the musical framework. "A voice that cuts like a knife and sings about those feelings that hurt, so beautiful it makes you want to cry". / Karoline Eriksson, Svenska Dagbladet (one of the largest newspapers in Sweden). Anna Ternheim´s music has a dark touch that reminds you of artists such as Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Leonard Cohen.The spring of 2003 Anna released the acoustic EP "Anna Ternheim" and went on a major tour with recording artist Nicolai Dunger. She also played together with the swedish artists Olle Ljungström and Tomas Andersson Wij. Tomas Andersson Wij already claims Anna to be this year´s debutant. This fall she´ll support Lars Winneräck on a six week tour around the country.Anna began playing the guitar, writing songs and performing when she was only ten years old. During a year abroad in Atlanta, Georgia, Anna put together her first band "Sova" and played at smaller festivals and local clubs. Back in Stockholm she continued her song writing and later also in Lausanne, Switzerland where she besides from studying French also played a few gigs. After almost two years abroad Anna returned to Sweden and began forming the band that now produces her debut album together with Andreas Dahlbäck and Linus Larsson.
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