Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: COOL CALM PETE
Song (MP3): LOST
Album: Lost
File Under: East Coast Rap
Label: http://www.embeddedmusic.net/

Info: Out of the wreckage of a broken junk-bot, emerges unscathed, Cool Calm Pete. One third of the underground outfit Babbletron, Calm Pete is the one whose words come slower. The precision of slow flow may be lost on some, but to the big brain females out there, here comes trouble. His new album, Lost is going to ring bells like Bob James on the first four bars of “Mardi Gras.”
While a child running wild through the streets of New York City, this Queens traditionalist MC studied the manuscripts. Calm Pete understands the last 15 years of rapping. He doesn’t rhyme for the sake of riddling, because he knows better. Calm Pete carries weight. The weight of not being an idiot. He understands his words, he understands his rhyme scheme, he understands why he raps and he understands why he makes beats. There are few other MC’s that are as well versed without coming off like a nerd. It is all balanced because the slow words come from a quick tongue planted firmly in his cheek.
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