Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: BRAZA
Album: Brazonics
File Under: Hip Hop / Rap /
Label: discod.com
Info: Brasil has long been a country known for providing sexy rhythms and erotic culture, as well as its explosive favelas or ‘slums’ made famous by the critically acclaimed movie City of God. It is also a place giving birth to new sounds of international music, ranging from the favela’s baile funk to its own brand of hip hop. The latest movement is being paved by newly formed group, BRAZA which encompasses US Rap, Brasilian music and Funk Carioca. BRAZA, which means 'fire' in Portugese and is slang for Brasil, consists of three members: Cabal, Mr. Bomba and Preto Rima, whom are all established artists/producers individually. All hailing from Sao Paulo, they each bring different skills and sounds to the table. Mr. Bomba, the oldest member of the crew, hails from one of the most influential groups of Brazil "SP Funk," who are responsible for changing Brasilian rap from solely militant political rhymes to a more accessible sound. Bomba is also a top-notch MC and producer with two SP Funk albums under his belt released by Trama Music, the largest and most respected indie label in South America. He also learned English through listening to American hip hop music, drawing influence from the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Nas. Cabal, called Brasil's breakthrough artist of 2004, is a top rapper well known for his single "Senhorita" – the first song in Brasilian history to sell 100,000 ringtones; and a new tune called "Mexe seu Corpo," which is blazing up the Brasilian airwaves in heavy rotation. In addition to working with BRAZA, Cabal will be releasing his first solo album "Prova Cabal" on Prohiphop/Universal Music Brasil. read more from the source...

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