Monday, December 19, 2005


Artist / Band: RUNDFUNK
Album: Kings & Queens EP
File Under: Indie Pop
Label: west side fabrication
Info: Stockholm-based four-piece Rundfunk is a recent addition to the West Side family. Rundfunk are Petri Laukka (drums percussion), Stefan Olsson (vocals), Daniel Sefbom (bass guitar) and Per Wilhelmsson (guitar, piano and backing vocals). They have played together since about 1998 and they have previously released a single and album on tiny Stockholm label Moonkrack. 2004 sees the release of a new single and album, both entitled "Kings Queens". Rundfunk play electronic pop music, making use of synthesizers, beat boxes, samplers, but also of old-school equipment such as guitars and drums. Their songs always have great melodies, intriguing lyrics and great rhythms. Rundfunk make no attempt to categorize their own music, but a couple of names that other people have mentioned are The Stone Roses, Missy Elliott and Magnetic Fields. Rundfunk are also a whopping live act that can not quite decide whether to be noisy, loud and punky or an all-out funk outfit. Therefore they attempt to do both things at the same time, with great results. read more from the source...

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