Sunday, December 04, 2005


Song (MP3): FAVOR
Album: COST
File Under: Singer-Songwriter
Info: Patrick Phelan's third full-length recording is called Cost. To Phelan, it is an understatement. For him, every opportunity explored is another opportunity forgone.More so than on previous Phelan records, Cost places an emphasis on the guttural. His voice and words take center stage. He is much less guarded on Cost than on previous records. There is no lack of desperation in these new songs, yet a hopeful tone is maintained throughout. Balance is the key. Emotion is the lock. And simplicity is the door. Like a finely-tuned architect, Phelan places all of his songs in their proper space, not letting them get crowded with unnecessary words or sounds. He also steers Cost from tipping too far in the "minimalist" direction, thanks in part to a bevy of guitar solos and to the abundance of true rock moments that occur throughout the record. read more from the source...

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