Sunday, December 04, 2005


Artist / Band: JOHN DUFILHO
File Under: Singer-Songwriter
Label: Glurp
Info: After finding success with The Deathray Davies, singer/songwriter John Dufilho is releasing his first solo album. Though Davies is a rock band, Dufilhos self-titled solo debut is less of a rocker than a indie pop piece, on which he plays every instrument and handles all the production, writing and recording duties. The album opens with “I’m Gonna Stay Under These Covers Today,” a beautifully simplistic two-minute song that features just Dufilho and an acoustic guitar. Aside from the first track though the rest of the album features lush songs with Postal Service beats, Badly Drawn Boy keyboards, and Bright Eyes vocals. The songs feature catchy melodies and excellent craftsmanship. Dufilho’s vocals are handled excellently, on both low-key numbers like the opening track or on more up-tempo numbers with effects like “What Are You Waiting For?” Lyrically the album is clever and well written, such as on “Now I’m A Stick Figure,” which opens: “I don’t think it’s the same without you/ I run in circles, you run with squares.” Overall: Dufilho mixes great pop and indie rock to come up with an album that takes the best of artists like Badly Drawn Boy, Bright Eyes and the Postal Service.
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Hey, thanks for always updating this, just so ya know though, the link for the mp3 download is broken. I don't know if they took that particular MP3 down, but they have another one by the same guy at: