Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Artist / Band: MAN MAN
Album: Six Demon Bag
File Under: Indie
Label: acefu
Info: Somewhere between New York, Philadelphia, and the Holy Mountain, MAN MAN fastens together shellac, perfume, feathers, dirt, and blood, knits together Screaming Jay Hawkins, Etta James, 80s pop, Iggy Pop, Soda Popinski, Mexican funeral marches, religious cults, bad luck, and two-headed wolves to wrangle out something entirely else. With themes ranging from loss to love to mayhem and back, SIX DEMON BAG's narrative structure once again straddles the blurry line between order and chaos, the outsider elements from their debut THE MAN IN A BLUE TURBAN WITH A FACE sharpened into alternate universe pop hits; an album just as comfortably suited to the workplace desktop as to the Lord of the Flies campfire, post Piggy. Gravel-throated Ringmaster Honus Honus has assembed a motley crew of likeminded shamans to help perform Man Man's many song exorcisms; sweaty, sexy swamp boogies rest easily alongside no-wavey guitars, melancholy funeral dirges, french new wave soundscapes, and exiled river-bed gypsy jams. At the core of the everything is a pop heart, albeit a wounded one, but nonetheless a heart that beats strong and confident and will not be satisfied until you are a full-on converted follower. read more from the source...

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