Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Artist / Band: JENNY LEWIS
Album: rabbit fur coat
File Under: Indie
Label: team-love
Info: Jenny Lewis might just be my new favorite woman in rocknroll. This indie-pop-rock powerhouse has a lot to be proud of and yet there isn't a pretentious bone in her body.
Firstly, there's her main project, Rilo Kiley, a Los Angeles–based foursome that's about to become your new favorite band on Omaha's Saddle Creek label. And then there's the Postal Service, that charming electro-pop outfit that's been played out of speakers everywhere from Urban Outfitters to your local supermarket (Lewis contributes vocals on the Postal Service's debut album, Give Up).
It's hard to escape Jenny Lewis these days (not that you'd want to), but it's going to be nearly impossible in the coming months.
Her summer 2003 tour took her and Rilo Kiley across the United States, hitting one sold-out venue after another, and she will soon visit Europe with the Postal Service. Then there's a new Rilo Kiley album to write, friends and family to be with, and picking out perfectly coordinated vintage outfits for the stage. Somehow, Jenny found a few minutes to answer my questions in a recent phone interview.
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