Sunday, November 20, 2005


Artist / Band: NEW BLACK
Song (MP3): KHALIL
Album: Time Attack
File Under: Garage, Punk
Label: Thick Records
Info: Chicago’s New Black literally came out of nowhere with their self-titled debut in 2004, grabbing the attention of America’s indie music bizsters, journalists and record-shelf searchers alike. But unlike many of their counterparts, who would navigate a path back and forth across the US attempting to gain a following, New Black would debut a new sound to their European neighbors first. In fact, by the end of the tour, the band would have played more countries than it had US cities. In a year’s time, just before the writing and recording of their second record, the band would be invited to open for the likes of VHS or Beta, Electrelane, Secret Machines and Coachwhips. Rough Trade would include them on its Best of 2004 Compilation alongside Elliot Smith, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party and more. The touring and accolades, as well as personal exposure to their peers would help distill an even newer black to its explosive core.
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