Sunday, November 20, 2005


Artist / Band: THE DIALS
Album: Flex Time
File Under: Garage, Power Pop, Punk
Label: Latest Flame Records
Info: The foundation is laid by the dynamic interplay of Rebecca's and Patti's epic bubblegum songs of disenchantment, frustration, and making out behind the grocery store. Add on top of that the degenerate barroom-floor sounds of Emily's junky genre-bending farfisa (is it Monoman or Steve Nieve? Who cares when it's this good?). Then tie it all together with Doug's ferociously flurried and smile-inducing fury on drums. Serpentine guitar B-52isms and Rezillos-worthy bass lines infused with raw Marshall crunch and total high-energy exuberance create a rock & roll tsunami that'll blow your panties off. read more from the source...

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