Monday, November 14, 2005


Artist / Band: DIOS MALOS
Album: Dios Malos
File Under: Alternative
Label: Star Time Records
Info: Where we’re from has a lot to do with our approach to our music, and with who we are. We’re all from the South Bay in Los Angeles. That’s our bond. We’re from a different part of L.A — an L.A. that is usually disregarded for its artistic contributions to the city. The South Bay isn’t the suburbs you see in movies or T.V. It’s beachfront ghettos, airports, refineries, ports, you name it. It’s a pretty diverse part of town — Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Polynesians — all in the same schools and working the same jobs at the mall. We’re friends with surfers, skaters, gangsters, musicians and 9 to 5ers we grew up with. A couple of us grew up near the fabulous forum in Inglewood, home of the Showtime Lakers, minutes from the Beach Boys’ childhood home in Hawthorne. A couple of us grew up near some of the prettiest tide pools and cliffs in Southern California, minutes away from where Black Flag practiced and played their first shows. There’s definitely a little musical history here, and we’re proud of that. . read more from the source...

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