Monday, November 07, 2005

Apollo Sunshine

Artist / Band: Apollo Sunshine
Song (MP3): Today Is The Day ( Clean version)
Album: Apollo Sunshine
File Under: Rock / Soul / Psychedelic
Label: spin art records
Info: Since the release of their 2003 spinART debut album, Katonah, Apollo Sunshine has thrilled audiences. Their unique and eclectic sound - from avant-garde noise experiment to ultra-melodic pop, to rock, to punk (sometimes all within one song), combined with quite possibly one of the best live shows you will ever see (a controlled rock chaos of pedal steel, guitar, bass, double necked guitar/bass combo, two handtaped-together keyboards/samplers, percussion, drums and how the hell does he play bass with his left hand, keyboard with his right and sing lead vocal?!), have left audiences screaming, dedicated, breathless and unable to hold still!read more from the source...

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