Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dive Index

About: Lost In The Pressure is the latest album from Dive Index, an electro-acoustic collaborative project spearheaded by producer Will Thomas. Recorded in New York City and Los Angeles, the album features vocals by Isaiah Gage and Simone White. The arrangements incorporate piano, cello, guitars, found sounds and a blend of live and electronic percussion, creating a multi-layered foundation for the vocals. Loops and effects are used to build melodic and rhythmic textures. The personal themes in Isaiah and Simone’s lyrics reflect the intimate way in which the songs were written and recorded.

SoundCloud: Dive Index - "A Person To Hide With"
WAV File: Dive Index - "A Person To Hide With"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Pattern Pieces"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Pattern Pieces"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Counting Umbrellas"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Counting Umbrellas"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Rewind Your Patience"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Rewind Your Patience"

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