Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me And My Monkey - P8 (EP FREE DOWNLOAD)

Me and My Monkey is a Georgian project which was formed by Sandro Chinchaladze in 2007 in Tbilisi. In 2008 Gacha Bakradze joined the project and they started performing in front of wide audience as a duo. Duo had successful gigs in Georgia as well as Europe. In 2011 Gacha left Me and My Monkey and soon new member Vazha Marr joined the project. Today Sandro and Vazha are actively working together.
Me and My Monkey doesn't have one specific genre. It is basically mix of indie, electronic and experimental music. The band members make many experiments and their performance is always innovative. That is why the audience constantly have the expectation on novelty. Despite the variousity of style their distorted bass line is well recognized among its listeners.
In 2008 Sandro and Gacha participated in the festival “Rockwiese” in Saarbrucken Germany and Me and My Monkey became known to foreign audience.
Me and My monkey has released two singles “ It's coming back” in 2008 and “Special edition” for “Me” magazine 2009. In 2010 duo took part in the project by Zombie Nation and their remix of the track “ The Mind of Many “ was release by the German record label UKW records on Internet.
From the formation of the project until now the Duo had many successful solo gigs and at the same time has participated in various local festivals. Also they performed twice in electronic music awards “Electronauts” in 2010 and 2011. In 2010 Me And My Monkey was name as the winner the contemporary Georgian music festival “Altervision Newcomers”.
With the new member,Me And My Monkey continues active work and plans to release the album soon.
Our old Tracks: These are our old tracks which were created since 2006 when we were forming as "Me And My Monkey". Some of them was out but most of them was not publicized so we thought it would be nice to not waste them. You can listen and download them, it's free.
you may found our new tracks here which are more different @meandmm_old

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