Friday, February 03, 2012

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

ARTIST / BAND: Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
SONG (MP3): "Especially Your Mother"
ALBUM: Muses & Bones
LABEL: s/r
INFO: Out in the woods she lived, all alone. At least that’s what it felt like, never belonging to any one group and having a penchant for the oppressed. Crystal did not come from a musical family, and unlike so many children who are forced into music lessons, at age seven she practically ran away to her piano teacher’s house down the street – books in her basket – pedaling as fast as she could down the gravel road – dust flying behind.
When she was still young, a little demon told her that she shouldn’t sing, that it sounded better when she just played the piano, but she was determined to ignore the demon and sing her heart out anyway. But sometimes the influence of the demon rendered her silent and still, and her hands seemed to be void of more from the source...

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