Monday, November 21, 2011


Northern Lights (exclusive MP3)

So here we are a few years later,but where were we before?Lost in different dimensions of war and obssesive disorders,change of band members and many other shattering niuances which led to the Landmark today.With the help of Tornike Gvelesiani our recording manager who produced,managed and even recorded drums on this ep we went back to the past with a little view on the future.Here's our video by Temo Ezugbaia to the single northern lights a song and a place which is once meant to be Landmark's last resort.We can all have a sneak peak at where it started and was pure,naive and honest.Still in this songs, you can sense that the tide is changing,with maturing comes the great darkness,procrastination and indifference to the human kind.We can only expect it to get more corrupted as the sick city is slowly destabilising the idealism and happy endings in which they believed,turning them into narcisistic nihilist assholes,trampling over your ideologies which led to the sickness in the first place.

Landmark - Northern Lights from onoffproject on Vimeo.

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