Sunday, November 06, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Justice
SONG (MP3): On'n'On
ALBUM: Audio, Video, Disco.
FILE UNDER: Electro, electronic, Indie Pop, pop
INFO: According to Xavier de Rosnay of Justice, Audio, Video, Disco is lighter than their first album. With the first album being darker, and this one being "daytime music", not as aggressive as the first one.[1] The album also features more collaborations than on . In a 6/10 review, Spindescribes Justice's style on the album as, "trying their hand at '70s arena rock...melding Italo-disco and singing hair-metal guitars."[2]
The vocal parts of "Ohio" closely resemble the traditional French song "Orleans", as it was recorded by David Crosby on his solo album If I Could Only Remember My Name in 1971, although the lyrics have been changed.

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