Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Red

ARTIST / BAND: Little Red 
SONG (MP3): "Get A Life" 
ALBUM: Midnight Remember
FILE UNDER:pop, Rock, 
LABEL:true panther
INFO:Melbourne’s Little Red have been away a while, growing up, growing down, tasting the sweet and the bittersweet in equal measures. The band now returns with the historically ‘difficult’ second album, but in this particular case they have delivered an album that is truly a quantum leap in songwriting and production. It is an inverse manifestation of the natural rock’n’roll order that stumps so many. Midnight Remember is a true accomplishment and a marked and impressive step forward in craft for primary songwriter Dominic Byrne. In the last 6 months the album has found an amazing breadth of fans in the band’s native Australia and on 10.25 it will finally see it’s remastered (with bonus tracks) release in the United States and Canada. read more from the source...

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