Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun

ARTIST / BAND: Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun

MP3: We Were Wild


FILE UNDER: Electro / Indie / Rock

LABEL: Greyday Records

INFO: I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. On the one hand, their dance-infused electro rock tunes have always been well-constructed and easy on the ears. On the other, their music has always had an air of timidity about it, lacking in bite and urgency. But all that may change with the release of their upcoming full-length, Wildfire, due out May 7th. The band recently posted the album’s opening track and lead single, “We Were Wild,” to their Soundcloud page and while all the familiar elements remain — the pulsating synths, the punchy percussion, the fuzz-ridden bass and effects-laden guitars — there is a tenacity to the track, both in the music and in Lauren Gibson’s vocals, that has been lacking in prior efforts. There’s also an aura of bigness to the song, a swelling grandiosity that feels neither forced nor overbearing. It remains to be seen what the rest of Wildfirehas in store for us, but if the rest of the album can measure close to “We Were Wild,” you can count me among the believers.

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