Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fan Modine


ARTIST / BAND: Fan Modine

MP3: "Through The Valley"  / "Julu Road"

ALBUM: Gratitude for the Shipper

FILE UNDER: indie pop

LABEL: Daniel 13 Press

INFO: Since the release of Slow Road to Tiny Empire, Fan Modine’s first album, in 1998, Gordon Zacharias has been known as an artist who mixes buoyant orchestral pop music with oftentimes more gloomy lyrics. This disconcerting combination has won him a cult following among fans of obscure rock bands, and of indie-pop artists in particular. With Gratitude for the Shipper, Fan Modine’s first album in six years, his music adds dimensions both lyrically and sonically, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as French symbolist poet Stephane Mallarmé and Southern pop trailblazer Alex Chilton. “Waiting for Distant Light,” the album’s finale, is a tribute to the recently-deceased songwriter, singer and guitarist.

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