Monday, April 04, 2011

Mount Moriah

ARTIST / BAND: Mount Moriah
MP3: "Lament"
ALBUM: Mount Moriah
FILE UNDER: Americana / Classic Rock / Folk
LABEL: Holidays for Quince Records
INFO: Heather McEntire (of post-punk veterans Bellafea) and Jenks Miller (of heavy-psych/metal outfit Horseback) met in 2005, while working at a record store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  After collaborating as Un Deux Trois on the stripped-down, pop-inflected Lovers EP (2007), they established Mount Moriah as an outlet for their mutual interest in classic American folk and rock music.  Mount Moriah’s 2010 EP, The Letting Go, highlighted the band’s thematic range, moving from delicate acoustic narratives to a dark, fuzzed-out, soulful stomper in just three tracks.  Mount Moriah’s long-awaited, self-titled debut -- featuring guest instrumentation by members of St. Vincent, Megafaun, and many other North Carolina-based musicians -- is cut from the same cloth, offering a far-reaching and non-traditional take on classic folk themes like devotion, tribulation, redemption, and an indelible sense of place.
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