Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Matthew Friedberger

ARTIST / BAND: Matthew Friedberger

MP3: Meet Me in Miramas

ALBUM: Solos

FILE UNDER: experimental, electro, pop

LABEL: Thrill Jockey

INFO: Matthew Friedberger is a Rock-N-Roll Goings-On Person-From-Chicago.

Born many years ago now, his interests--his "likes" as we say--include the following. Mediterranean Matters; Old Phone Books; "that beautiful place where the White Sox play baseball" (Dominic Pacyga); Jean Paul; James Brown; the IBM building; Chicagoism in General; Rhetorical Capitalization; the SNCF jingle that plays immediately before any announcement; Old Blind Writers from London; the Sidney Siblings and their Friends; what's written on some The Fall album covers; the Brontë Brother, Branwell; Lonely Trailer; I Love You, Big Dummy; Johnny Hodges; Jaki Byard; The Who in 1972; John Culshaw; The City of Bridges; magasin général; Music Written Down in Old Books from Old Shops in the Lands of Yesteryears; So Forth; and so on.

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