Sunday, November 07, 2010



SONG (MP3): "Tall Shoulders" / "Tall Shoulders" - Todd Buchler (Duchess Leo) Remix

ALBUM: Tall Shoulders

FILE UNDER:  Melodramatic Popular Song

LABEL: Whale Heart Records

INFO: Lille is Grace Bellury, an eighteen year old songstress from Atlanta, GA. Born a poor asian boy, Grace accompanied his father and three sisters to America, where they sailed on a ship carrying spices to every corner of the earth. He was the friend of every swarthy sailor and sat up late at night in the cabins below the deck, the warm lantern glow radiating off the roughened yet kindly faces, spinning stories of exotic girls from every continent and exploits worthy of a Conrad novel. The sailors constructed papooses made from sturdy rope for Grace and his small sisters and they hung suspended from the ballast every night, sleeping peacefully

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