Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eksi Ekso

ARTIST / BAND: Eksi Ekso

MP3: "Kills Of The Flood Tide"

ALBUM: Kills Of The Flood Tide 7" Single

FILE UNDER: post rock

LABEL: The Mylene Sheath

INFO: Eksi Ekso (pronounced 'ex-ee ex-o') is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. The latest brainchild from the creative forces behindThe Burning Paris and On Fire, Eksi Ekso is the convergence of atypical rock instrumentation, experimentation with form, and the breath of collaborative writing via six musicians coming from very different schools. Nate Shumaker (vocals/guitar), Tom Korkidis (vocals/bass/keys/samples), Sean Will (flugelhorn/trumpet/keys/samples), Clara Kebabian (violin/oboe/vocals), Beth Holub (viola), and Alex Mihm (drums/percussion) compose songs that play out like soundtracks to found footage reels.

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