Monday, October 11, 2010

One Hundred Flowers

ARTIST / BAND: One Hundred Flowers
MP3: Rat Trap
ALBUM: Mechanical Bride
FILE UNDER: experimental / a'cappella / pop
LABEL: Stem & Leaf Records
INFO: in the summer of 2007, harrison speckʼs bedroom recordings began taking shape. after months of experimentation, he found himself making musical compositions interacting with impressionistic lyrical content and melodies dictated in their rhythm. complicated yet catchy, the songs reflected the nature of conflict, both lyrically and musically. a collection of seven songs from this time period became the ep titled some summer falls. the enthusiastic response from the austin music community prompted speck to recruit a band capable of adapting the original material to live performance, which became the band one hundred flowers in the spring of 2008.
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