Tuesday, October 19, 2010



MP3: A Small Dream

ALBUM: This Is The Day

FILE UNDER: Acoustic / Folk Rock

LABEL: Tapete records

INFO: This is the Day is NOT just another Ezio record.
Some good friends of mine could never quite understand my passion for the songs and lyrics of Ezio Lunedei till theyʻd actually seen Booga and Ezio perform live, preferably as a duo.
Here the songs finally fulfill their wild promise. The delivery is always poignant, at times deadpan funny, melancholic, political, sarcastic and quite mean, indeed. Not so comfy and nice as some of the records would want you to believe. Itʻs always been a wee bit the „Let It Be/Phil Spector“ dilemma with Ezio. Great songs and sentiments,... but who let the string section and choir in?

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