Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoek Mathambo

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ARTIST / BAND: Spoek Mathambo
SONG (MP3): “Mshini Wam”
FILE UNDER: hip hop, world
LABEL: BBE/Boys Noize/Citinite/Pottymouth/TopBillin
INFO: Spoek Mathambo and his band Mshini Wam (trans=my machine [gun]) were on the bill of our Youth Day concert in Soweto a few weeks ago, and if you watched the video, you may have wondered what the jam was. It is this, the title song of his upcoming solo album, which—and we’re trying to stay calm here—is going to make you lose your mind it’s so good. People literally went insane at this show. One dude got choppered off the roof and rappelled directly into the chimney of President Zuma’s house and then they just sat there staring at each other for like seven hours.

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