Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cashes Rivers

ARTIST / BAND: Cashes Rivers

MP3: "As I Drift"

ALBUM: Cashes Rivers

FILE UNDER: Indie, Rock

LABEL: Estamos Records

INFO: Cashes Rivers is a singer, songwriter, and artist - prolific in each aspect. When you ask Rivers what influences him the most you are amazed at his diversity. Citing bands like Fleetwood Mac, Neutral Milk Hotel and ELO in the same breath shows his willingness and curiosity to look both backwards and forwards for inspiration yet staying absolutely present. Cashes Rivers began his musical career at the age of 13 playing in basement bands with friends but soon ventured into the studio to work on his solo/self released album titled, "the trees will clap for us..." Thanks to his innovative marketing strategies, support from his family and friends, and above all - the creative forces behind the writing and arrangement, “the trees will clap for us...” was released to a group of fans and was received with high acclaim. After the release of his EP, he performed for the first time at a local cafe drawing in promoters, musicians and venue owners eager to hear the 'kid' who was Cashes Rivers. Based on just a handful of shows, Rivers was asked to open for bands such as The Academy Is, Eric Hutchinson and The Envy Corps. The EP, with its diverse musical and vocal arrangements, attracted attention of podcasts around the country, radio stations and local music festivals such as the Gross Domestic Product, 80/35 and DogTown Fest. In May of 2009, Cashes Rivers was picked up by a new independent label, Aqui Estamos Records, and began the recording of his second album due for release in March of 2010. This highly anticipated album will reassure his fans of his ability to keep us in his moment and follow him wherever he wants us to go. Cashes Rivers----modest, simple, truthful, talented, wishful, hopeful, ambiguous and mysterious.... His words entice and haunt us but most importantly, his words invite us.

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