Tuesday, July 13, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Reporter

MP3: Click Shaw

ALBUM: Time Incredible.

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Electro / Rock

LABEL: Holocene Music

INFO: In a dark room, through a haze induced by fog machines, you observe celestial projections and pulsing lights. An infectious sound floods your brain-space, a driving synth-rock voyage guided by a female voice which commands attention in its come-hither breathiness. You can hardly make out the shadowy figures responsible for this electrifying experience, and much to the chagrin of photogs, you won't have much luck capturing their live set on camera. However, this disassociation proves blissful: you find yourself dissolving into their sonic atmospherics, dissolving into the packed dance-floor where your body is part of a massive, churning tide.

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