Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pacific Theater

ARTIST / BAND: Pacific Theater
MP3: "Lions"
ALBUM: Animals At Night
FILE UNDER: New Wave / Visual / Shoegaze
LABEL: Whale Heart Records
INFO: Brooklyn quartet Pacific Theater recorded their full-length debut "Animals at Night," an artful blend of New Wave, Art Rock, and Shoegaze, with Mark Lawson at Montreal studio Petite Eglise. The band began when two co-workers from NYC's Bowery Ballroom, Dan Ryan and Adam Travis, tried out a few songs together. Dan quickly enlisted his old bandmate Daniel Bellury and the trio spent a year writing the album and playing shows. Realizing another component was needed, Adam petitioned his old friend Gina Yates to come aboard. With the addition of Gina, the band was able to fully realize their signature sound: a balancing act of sonic assault, pulsing rhythms, and a light layer of delicate melodies.

Lions from Whale Heart Records on Vimeo.

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