Monday, March 08, 2010

Label of the week: Marathon Of Dope

marathon of dope
Lable: Marathon Of Dope
File under: Indie
The music on offer at Marathon Of Dope is available for free download. We feel very strongly about delivering our music to your ears. After all, we make the music for our fans and listeners to enjoy. When you like the music you've downloaded (and we know that you will), you have the option to make a purchase to help offset the costs involved in producing the music. All artists have expenses related to creating their music. Studio time, equipment rentals, engineers, and advertising are just a few of the things that require money when a new project is developing.
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Elissa P
Nestor Wynrush
and more

Latest free download albums:

Elissa P – Quickie Calendar (mod006)

Zucchini Drive – Shotgun Rules (mod005)

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