Friday, June 25, 2010


MP3: "Let Go" / "Ecstacy" / "Baby"
ALBUM: jj nº 3 / jj nº 2
FILE UNDER: Indie pop, Balearic beat, Dream pop
LABEL: Secretly Canadian
INFO: Last summer Gothenburg, Sweden's jj quietly released one of 2009's most critically-acclaimed albums. The album was named jj nº 2 and it was the group's debut full-length (their first single was jj nº 1). With the naive swagger of youth, jj have already completed their next full-length. We here at Secretly Canadian are incredibly proud to present jj nº 3 to you. If jj nº 2 was (as it was to many) the quintessential summer 2009 album, jj nº 3 is destined to be the quintessential winter 2010 album, a soft, red smear of blood on a field of fresh snow.
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1 comment:

Rain said...

wow I hadn't heard of JJ. Let go is dreamy, Ecstacy is trancendent! Thansk for introducing me to them!