Thursday, January 28, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Caribou

MP3: Odessa


FILE UNDER: New Psychodelia

LABEL: Merge/City Slang

INFO: If Dan Snaith has mastered one aspect of is music career, it's change. Not the remodeling or renovation, sort, more the alterations and adaptations with purpose (not even including the weird story of the Dictators' Dick Manitoba forcing Snaith to give up his pseudonym in 2004). The steady upward progression in replayability between 2001's glitchy Start Breaking My Heart and 2005's towering Milk of Human Kindness feels like a problem of some sort was solved. Which makes room for the comparative left-turn of Andorra, which both felt like a huge surprise (songs!) and a logical extension (songs with insane drumming!) of what he'd always been doing.

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