Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yukon Blonde

ARTIST / BAND: Yukon Blonde
MP3s: "Rather Be With You" / "Wind Blows" / Blood Cops
ALBUM: Yukon Blonde
LABEL: Bumstead Productions Ltd.
INFO: After returning from a cross-Canada tour with Jon-Rae Fletcher, both as his backing band and his opening band, Alphababy packed their bags and moved from Kelowna to Vancouver.  Big changes lead to new beginnings, and with that, the band changed their name to Yukon Blonde, signed to Toronto-based Nevado Records (Bahamas, Fox Jaws), put their 300 show history behind them (including performances alongside Ladyhawk, Black Mountain and Women), and set out to write all new material, which they recorded in Vancouver with Shawn Cole (Bend Sinister, You Say Party! We Say Die!).
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