Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The J. Davis Trio

ARTIST / BAND: The J. Davis Trio


"Breezay" (MP3)

"Court Is Now In Session" (MP3)

"These Things Happen" (MP3)

ALBUM: These Things Happen

FILE UNDER: Jazzy Hip Hop

LABEL: Yo Yo Smuggler Records

INFO: The J. Davis Trio is fronted by vocalist/multi-percussionistStuart, and backed by bassist Flav-R-Ice, drummer The Planet and trumpeter Benjamin Pendulum. These Things Happen , released on Yo Yo Smuggler Records, brings power and precision together with grace and beauty. Big beats join with trumpets, violins, vibraphones, Rhodes pianos, congas and Stuart's smart lyrics to create their signature sound, an idiosyncratic mix of hip hop, jazz and soul.

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