Monday, November 02, 2009

Yael Meyer - Shed Their Fear (Exclusive MP3)

Trust us, you ’ll be traveling at the speed of your own heartbeat while listening to Yael’s music. We are very proud to publish Shed Their Fear from her new Heartbeat EP.

Here’s what Yael wrote us about the song:

This is one of those songs that came about very naturally. The music came to me first as I was playing the guitar and found this beautiful riff. The words came to me after. It is a very personal song that talks about my relationship with the world and how I feel that I live in some kind of a bubble...being constantly carried and led by the "Greater Hand"...even when the whole world seems to be screaming...I can still hear the stillness...but sometimes it feels as though people are trying to get you caught up in their own fear and you have to remind yourself of the truth you know inside, even when it gets challenged..

Yael Meyer

MP3: Shed Their Fear (download is possible till 14th of November)

ALBUM: Heartbeat EP

FILE UNDER: Folk / Pop / Electronica

INFO: Yael was born in Santiago de Chile…in one of the southernmost southern countries of the world where deserts, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains coexist in a 4000 km coastline. She began dancing and singing at a very young age. Always humming made up tunes, she took on formal piano training at age 5, song-writing at 8 and guitar playing at 13.  At 19, after receiving a scholarship to  attend Berklee College of Music,  she left Chile and settled in Boston where she met amazing people and her mind and heart opened wide to a new world of music and perception.

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