Saturday, November 28, 2009


MP3: "Green Truck" / "Pocketful of Debt" "Our Dreams Did Weave A Shade" (new)
ALBUM: Gold Dissolves To Gray
FILE UNDER: electronic / folk/ indie
LABEL: Autobus Records
INFO: Sunset, the indie-pop recording project for Austin, TX native Bill Baird, will release it's fourth full-length, Gold Dissolves To Gray, on November 24, 2009, via Autobus Records.  Baird first came into the spotlight as a founding member of Sound Team, the once on-the-verge group signed to Capitol Records and opening for the Arcade Fire. But when 2006 saw the band going their separate ways, Baird switched his focus to the solo work he’d been pursuing on the side. After self-releasing {{SUNSET}} and its instrumental companion, Silence!, in December ‘06 – and with the help of some friends – his once-side project began to take shape as a new band, taking its name from his early LP.
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