Sunday, September 20, 2009



MP3: “The Night The Night”

ALBUM: Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home

FILE UNDER: Soul / Rock / Indie

LABEL: Absolutely Kosher

INFO: What if I told you one of Canada’s greatest living song writers is a vineyard field hand and postal worker living in rural Western Canada? Ryan Beattie has been quietly making records on the in the city of Victorian (on Vancouver Island), recording both as Himalayan Bear (his solo work) and Chet, the band he formed with his brother Patrick and some friends. Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home is Chet’s fourth album in seven years and first to receive release outside of western Canada. It was recorded over a hot weekend in a barn in Victoria last summer by Colin Stewart. You can hear the warmth of the rural summer setting resonate throughout the album, the sound of the instruments hitting the fir floors as the music traveled through the hay bails used as separation for the amplifiers.

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